V.E. Day Memories

     Collective childhood memories of New Street.

     The V E Day celebrations seemed to have been a very boisterous affair. Mrs Belfield collected the food coupons and there was a 'catering committee' including Mrs Price and Mrs Skidmore. Gladys Hadley made the buntings. Tables were set out at the bottom of New Street from Evers Street down. There was food in abundance including jellies and cakes, and the beer flowed freely.

     Hitler's effigy was strung up on a lamppost and Messer's Belfield and Price came charging down the Hope and Anchor gully with their faces blackened with soot and banging on dustbin lids with sticks. Children danced on the tables, and there was an impromptu firework display - a stray rocket set off some other fireworks in a box. One firework - a wallop 365 - blew out the bottom of the Belfield's water butt - boys will be boys! My brothers nickname was wallop - I wonder if he had anything to do with it? Hitler finished up on the street bonfire and the men from the council came the following week to repair the road.

     It seems a good time was had by all.


         Quarry Bank

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