Philip was born in Victoria Road, within the sound of the Church Bell and therefore a true Quarry banker. A pupil of the Infants' School in the High Street, he then went to the County Primary School, when Andrew Cooper was Headmaster. He was choirboy at Christ Church and later became a server there. Philip passed the eleven plus and attended King Edwards' Grammar School in Stourbridge. Having achieved good results he left in 1958.

     Incredible though it seems today, aged only 18, and without any formal teaching qualifications he was given a job at Coppice Lane Boys' School. His class was 1B, teaching the whole syllabus to the 45 lads in his form! By Christmas he was teaching maths and english to the 4th year.

     Taking two years out to go to St. Pauls' College, Cheltenham; Philip returned to Quarry Bank Boys' School in 1961. His form was now 4B, a leaving class of 39 boys. He was not so very much older than his students, most of whom were fairly close neighbours.

     In 1966, Philip went to St. Peters' College in Saltley for twelve months to study maths.

     Staying with Thorns he went on to be Head of Maths, Lower School Head and Senior Tutor. On the way he has learnt and remembered every child's name who passed through his care, however briefly.

     Although he retired from the teaching staff in 1993, he kept his connections with Thorns working on the Community side. He spent the following two years making and encouraging links with local industry.

     At present Philip is still heavily involved in education in Quarry Bank, working in the Home and Hospital Tuition Service. He remains a School Governor, retaining his life-long interest and involvement in our schools.


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