Esther Hadley 1888 1975
told by
Norma Pearson (nee Hadley)

     This is a photograph of my Grandmother Esther Hadley on the step of her first shop, no. 119 New Street, Quarry Bank, around 1914. The little lad on the tricycle is my dad, Norman Hadley,(b 1909), and his little brother Arnold holding his moms hand is 2 years younger.

     Later, Gran had 3 more children, Eric, Joyce, and Joan, so perhaps that is why the family moved to larger premises 3 doors away to 122 New Street. This was a 3 storey building on the corner of Queen Street.

     I was born in 1942, and by then 119 was a house where the Davis family lived. Number 122 was my mom's lock-up shop, and uncle Arnie and his family lived at the back. My Gran and Granddad Bert had moved to keep the Bathams public house The Hare and Hounds at Broadwater, Kidderminster.

     This is my Grandparents Diamond wedding anniversary, photographed at the Stewpony Hotel, nr. Kinver in 1967. My dad is top right, uncle Arnie is top left, and the happy couple are centre front.

     And here they are with their Grandchildren and first Great Grandchild, Richard Homer.
back row, l to r:- Ann, Roderick, Trevor, Hilary, Paul, Gwenda, Ian, Carl, Jean.
front row l to r:- Una, Richard, Norma, Gran, Granddad, Aunt Mary Ann (sister-in-law), Stephanie.

     My Great Grandparents, Gran Ettie's mom and dad, were William and Sarah Ann Aston and they had a special wedding anniversary in 1941. It was their 70th anniversary, and they received this telegram of congratulation from Buckingham Palace.


         Quarry Bank

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