(a postscript)

     .....a note from Guy Vivian Taylor, Doctor Fair's son.

     Hello there,

     I'm not sure whether this website is still being updated but I have just found your pages relating to my mother (Doctor Fair) and had to write to you to say how touched I was by the sweet comments made about her.

     There are a couple of inaccuracies in the detail which you may like me to amend for you? The children in order of age and present locations are:

     Rosemary Veronica    (in Cambridgeshire)
     Richard Hugh    (near Glasgow)
     Deirdre Christine    (Somerset)
     Guy Vivian    (West Midlands)
     Ian David    (Shropshire)
     Enid Jean    (in Cambridgeshire)
     Andrew Philip     (West Midlands)
     Elaine Margaret  (Maggie)    (Lincs)

     Mum was born in February 1916 and was forced to retire by Government legislation which prevented GPs from practicing beyond their 70th year.

     She passed away, aged 84 years, in February 2000 having been determined to 'see in' the new Millennium :-)

     Kind regards,


     April 2013


     ..... members of our group remember her as a lovely lady, and a good and caring doctor - she is missed.


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