It was a spring day in 1948 when Doctor Enid Fair came to live and practise in Quarry Bank. She had attended The London School of Medicine for Women and then worked in York, where she became friends with Dr. Kate Rogers. They decided to set up practice together and to the great benefit of the local community came to Quarry Bank where they bought the High Street Practice from Dr. McFarlane.

     Doctor Fair lived with her husband Major Richard Taylor above the surgery for many years bringing up eight children. Her husband supported her by becoming her unofficial practice manager after leaving the army, at which time Dr. Kate moved to the surgery in Thorns Road.

     Doctor Fair was a good and caring doctor, always ready to listen, to help and to visit. The children grew up, and in 1980 her husband died; from then on she devoted all her energies into looking after her patients, and was always on call. It was the elderly who were most indebted to her; she would call on them as a matter of course whether or not they were ill.

     For 43 years Doctor Fair served faithfully the people of Quarry Bank and was well loved by all those who came to know her. Latterly she was joined in the practice by Dr. Seeta Siriwardine.

     A practising christian, Dr. Fair played an active part in the life of Christ Church. Sometimes she came in to services late, and on other Sundays had to leave early but always attended. She started a club for widows and was a member of the Iona Community visiting the island every year.

     Many people felt strongly that Dr. Fair should receive the MBE and was nominated a number of times. However she was not to get the honour she deserved. But as she said "I am remembered in the hearts of the patients and community in Quarry Bank and that's what matters." Aged 75, she finally retired to live at Westgate in Kent and was indeed much missed.

     She now lives back in the Black Country, in Kingswinford regularly visited by her old friends.

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