as told by Mrs. Vera Batham, Dr fair's Cook for 23 years

     After practising in York with Dr. Dench, (the actress Judy Dench's father), Dr. Fair came to Quarry Bank with Dr. Kate Rogers.

     She was married to Major R. V. Taylor, who served in the Royal Hampshire Regiment. Doctor Fair was the mother of eight children: Rosemary Veronica, Richard Hugh, Enid Jean, Ian David, Deidre Elaine, Andrew Philip, Margaret (Maggie), and Guy Vivian. Five of the children were born in Quarry Bank at 165, High Street.

     Dr. Fair had a very religious upbringing; her father was a Baptist minister and her mother visited the sick and poor in the east end of London, taking Cakes, eggs etc.

     Dr. Fair had her training at the Royal Free Hospital in London. She was born in 1915, in Surbiton, Surrey and was looked after by her Nanny who was a dear lady.

     She now lives in Highfield Nursing Home, Kingswinford.

Medical muse for his Fair Lady by Peter and his neighbours

To the residents of Quarry bank, these words I have to say
Just give a thought to Dr. Fair, she's due to go away.
Alas, she's going to leave us, she's going to live afar
So have a drink with her tonight, don't just prop up the bar.
We've all received her kindness, the old, the young, the small
So the memories of this lady, will remain within us all.
She's done enough to satisfy, all Christians and the Sinners
If I'd mixed her with my horses, I'd put her with the winners.
She's the kindest, helpful lady us residents have known
If I was Queen of England, I'd let her use my throne.
I don't award out medals, so she can't depend on me
But if I did, I swear she'd get, a golden MBE.
The way she's served her patients, will never be forgot,
She hasn't only served a few, she's served the bloomin lot.
I now say, thank you doctor, for all your thoughts and care,
So now together, let's all shout "God Bless You, Dr. Fair".

         Quarry Bank

     ©  M.P.L.H.G.  2012