Bessie Cranton

The People who lived at Dunn's Bank in Yesteryear

Mr. and Mrs. Stevens who lived at No. 2,
they always had something to do.
A large garden to weed,
therefore no time to read.
Next was Mr. And Mrs. Cartwright who helped people at night
by selling paraffin so they could have light.
Then Ivy and Chris Broome
who would invite us in for a chat in their front room.
Mr. and Mrs. Bullock and Lily, and Mr. And Mrs. Round, Edna and Rita
and Mr. and Mrs. Williams and Peter.
Across the middle lane was Mrs. Louie Hough
who sold cigarettes that could make you cough.
Then there were a large number of Dunns,
namely Ernest, Wilfred, Amos, Isaac, Will, Zachariah not forgetting Gentleman Dunn,
who was always so well dressed and wore shoes that shone.
Now, down the Chain Hill in a large garden you would see
lovely daffodils tended lovingly by Mr. And Mrs. Robinson and Dora
This was our local interflora.
Opposite lived Mr. Simeon Wood,
a local councillor and headmaster whose teaching was very good.
Round the corner was Mrs. Doris Homer who had a weedless garden with so many lovely flowers.
This is where she spent many happy hours.
The surname of Dunn we will never forget,
Hence the name 'Dunn's Bank' once a small hamlet.

Quarry Bank History Group

Quarry Bank History Group is still going strong
Their age ranging from elderly to young
Always interested in various things
News and photographs which they still bring

Our History Group

Once again our friendly group meet
To discuss the history of our street
We look forward to seeing our friends
We are sorry when our meeting ends


Our aim in life should be
To make those around us happy
Happiness we can possess
By helping others in distress

         Quarry Bank

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