Ravensitch Farm

     Ravensitch Farm House, situated in an oasis of green amongst the housing estate is just a few hundreds of yards away from Freehold Farm House. It, too, retains its character from years ago. The Wright Family have farmed there for many years, since Samuel Thomas Wright came in the early 1900s. At the cottage in Woods Lane (part of the farm) one of Mr. Wright's sons (Samuel Thomas) lived with his family, working for his father. It was there that the present farmer, also Samuel Thomas, was born. He was the second son; the name never being given to the eldest! This practice goes back many generations to the early 1700s at least. No one knows why - perhaps because the wives didn't like the name and as the children were all known by their second name it doesn't seem the children did either! The last three were referred to as Old Tom, Young Tom, and Young Tom's Son, and it is Young Tom's Son who is the present farmer.

     In the early days feeding the cows was much more labour intensive. Before readymixed feed was in general use, the basic corns were bought from the corn merchants and mixed on the farm with roots (mangolds etc.) and chaff. The chaff cutter was powered by a horse, attached by a pole to a gear which turned the chaff belts, working the cutters. The horse went round the gear in a circle, approximately 18' diameter. Nowadays, there are just two cows; Fuzzbuzz an Aberdeen Angus crossed with a Jersey and her daughter Dinah who is crossed with an Ayrshire (giving her horns). They are both very tame having had much contact with Tom. Although it has shrunk to a couple of fields it's a little bit of Quarry Bank that keeps alive memories of when there were few houses and fields aplenty.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         photo courtesy of John James

Front of Ravensitch Farm - 1960's

Rear of Ravensitch Farm - 1960's

Dinah in field at the rear of Ravensitch Farm - 1998

Front of farm.

Front of farm.

Front door of farm.

Out buildings.

Gemma Wright, Fuzzbuzz, Dinah and Tom Wright. - 1999.

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